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This is Juu's private journal where she post about her real life, and sometimes will fangirl about V6 if she has the time to do it. There is no subbed videos in here. If you want to get the videos, go and join v6yagers instead.

You are welcome to friend me. But it will take time for me to add you back. You can leave a comment here to let me know who you are and why you add me though.

My love is only for V6. If you think that we have something in common, do introduce yourself at here and add me. I will definitely add you back if you do that.

Other than that, I hope you enjoy your stay here :)

A little bit about me

I edit this post, because it's no longer relevant. That's why I decide to change it into something more useful. Well, at least to me xD

Name: Juu
Hometown: Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia
1. V6
1. Singing (maybe, because I don't even consider myself as a good singer lol)
2. Stalking V6

1. Gakkou e ikou
2. V6 variety shows

1. Gakkou e ikou
2. Shinchishiki kaikyuu kumagusu
3. VVV6

1. Otoko no hensa-chi

1. V6 shows
2. V6 dramas

New Face, New Feelings <3

After what it felt like a very long long time, I finally come back online. I'm going to start responding to the comments, PMs, and anything you ask me regarding ANM. Seems like some people still have some questions left for me.

About VSA with Sakamoto Masayuki as plus one guest, if no one subbed it yet, then I'm going to revive the project. If anyone can help me with the editing and timing, please do tell me and I'll be grateful. I'm by myself now so if anyone wanted me to sub something, please lend me your hand :)

About Arashi fandom, I'm not coming back to the fandom, that's for sure. But that doesn't mean I hate Arashi. I still like them, cheer for them, and happy for them when they achieve something. Just that I'm not going back to the fandom again.

Regarding ANM, as I'm not the leader anymore, I have no final say whatever to do with the community so please contact the current leader about that. The rules I set up before might not be valid anymore since ANM has a new leader :)

Next is about my layout. I really really love this layout. It's raining almost everyday here now, so I want to feel at least a little bit of summer-y before the season comes <3
Original layout is still made by kkastic, but modified with arts made by my friend from AF community, LunaticCrow21. 

Lastly, if you want me to sub something, just so that I'm not going to get rusty, just tell me and I'll try to fulfill it to the best of my ability.

Asking for help

Since V6's leader, Sakamoto Masayuki, will come as Plus One guest on next week's VSA, which is aired on June 21, I will need help from you all so that I can sub this VSA fast but still with quality. I will need an editor, timer, typesetter (dee, you still want to typeset it?), encoder, and uploader. And a possible spot-translator (just in case my friend can't do it). The project will be released on my V6's subbing community, v6yagers, and all the people who were involved in the process will be credited. If you're interested in helping me, please see the job description below on what I except you to do:

1. Editor
--> Editor's job will be to check the grammar and make the sentence easy to read. Sometimes translator (a.k.a me) translate things too literally and it's editor's job to make it less "japanese".

2. Spot-translator
--> Spot translator's job is to check translator's translation as well as to fill in the blank that's left by the translator. Since the translator already translated almost everything of the show, spot-translator is expected to work fast.

3. Timer
--> Timer's job will be to time the translation into the video. This job is the most tiring and the most though one, because good subbing relied onto good timer.

4. Typesetter
--> Typesetter's job is to make the video become prettier, from choosing the right fonts so that it will be easy to read to give different colours for different speakers.

5. Encoder
--> There will be two jobs I need the encoder to do, first is to encode the raw from the source to .avi file (except the raw already in avi format). I prefer terahata's file from jpopsuki, but if the encoder didn't have jpopsuki's account, I can accept ANJ's file but since they're in mp4 format, I will need the encoder to encode it to avi first before we go to the next stage which is timing.
The second job will be to encode the file into two different size, 720p and 396p.

6. Uploader
--> Uploader's job is to upload the file to the media sharing site that's different from encoder's choice (as example, if the encoder choose to upload to mediafire, then uploader need to upload to different sharing sites, such as jumbofiles, rapidshare, and indowebster (only for Indonesian user)).

If I get all the help I need, I will consider to sub the next episode which is June 28 episode, because Mirai Nikki's team guesting on VSA, which mean Kanata Hongo will be in there too *squeals in delight*
I can assure you that I'll be finished with the translation in a day because I'm just so excited with all of this. Sakamoto-kun in VSA? Bring it on!

p.s If you want to help me, simply leave me a comment in this post and I'll reply to it :D

Guide to V6's Sexy Honey Bunny DVD concert

I make this guide for my friend actually, who just started to like V6 after watching GUILTY PV (in its monochrome awesomeness) and so she wanted me to make a guideline of every V6 concert ever existed. I decided to start with the new one, Sexy Honey Bunny concert, because the bonus is just pure win <333

V6 - Sexy Honey Bunny concert DVD, Disc 1
Files can be download at clubbox or at V6's community journal, v6_unlimited

The concert started with the 6 members appear from 6 different places. With white outfit from top to toe, they kick off the concert with WILL, a song from READY's album. I always love this song for a lot of reason, but I love it more when they sang it in the concert because they always make it slightly different from the recording version and more importantly, they sing it LIVE. The 6 members slowly move to the main stage while singing and make eye contact with each other.

The second song is OK, a techno-pop song that's very catchy that I can do without the voice effect. Sakamoto, V6's leader, greeted the fans with simple greeting, "Hey people in Yokohama arena! How are you? Let's spend the best time of yours today with us!". Why so awesome, leader? *swoons* The song continues as they move to a different stage. The stage went dark and you can hear Break The Wall started to ring. Break The Wall is the song that's used for Okada's movie, SP (Security People), so that explains why they use so many effects for this song. I also love how they use the lights, it's so pretty it's overwhelming. And is it wrong if I think this song is super awesome?

Next song is Crank It Up!. The song is actually good, if they didn't use the voice effect too much. Sexy Honey Bunny is up next, which is their new single at that time (the concert is held in 2011). I actually have my WTF moment when I first heard the song, though when I listen to it the second time, well, I have to admit the song is kinda catchy. I swoon at Inocchi's line, "Yuwaku shicaina midareta me de (Seduce me with those disturbed eyes)", because well, it's sexy? And there's absolutely no relation that Inocchi looks damn sexy when he said this line. Totally no relation, believe me. *fangirl in denial* And have I mentioned that I love it since they sing LIVE in the concert?

After Sekubani (the short for Sexy Honey Bunny) ended, an guitarist suddenly made his appearance and played some chords. It's actually Coming Century's (shorten as Kamisen) song called 12ka Getsu. It's quite different from other Kamisen songs which bordered on rock since it's a ballad-like song with rap added in it. 20th Century (which will be shorten as Tonisen) continue it by singing one of their song, Days - tears of the world. It's the typical Tonisen song, a ballad number which showcase their singing skill. I have to say that Nagano's voice didn't quite get to it, maybe because the chord is too high for him, but Sakamoto and Inocchi rocks the song as usual.

It's time for Solo stage! Go takes the first spot singing his solo song, Kano. It's a jazz song, which fit his voice perfectly in my opinion. Nagano is the second to sing solo with his song called Sakura Iro Sakura Kaze. This time, I can say proudly that I like Nagano's voice. When the song is good, he can sing it in perfect tune so I think that this solo is his best solo so far. Sakamoto takes the spotlight next by singing Happy Happy Birthday. And I'm quite amused to see Go, Ken, Nagano and Inocchi backdanced for him LOL And since this song is about wishing someone a Happy Birthday, Sakamoto choose a fangirl who celebrates her birthday that day. He also asked her to blow the candles (complete with the cake) together with him.

The lights darken after Sakamoto's solo ended and a new song started. It's New Day, a Kamisen song that feature Tonisen. A pretty good song, but it's the next song on the list that get my attention. The song called Catch, an upbeat song from Only Dreaming single. I really love the way they appeared on the stage, and Inocchi make the flying gesture which look stupid but cute at the same time XD They also throw some balls (I think it's the balls that they've signed). Ken and Okada have their own LOL moment in this song, which make the audience roared in appreciation.

WALK is up next, one of their coupling song from Sexy Honey Bunny single, in which I think should get its own single and its own PV, seriously. This song is simply beautiful, and when they sing it LIVE, it got me teary-eyed a little. The meaning is very deep and the feelings they put in the song reached my heart. Though the holy moment is interrupted when the second verse began. Sakamoto tried to kiss Okada (and got rejected lol) and Inocchi bullied Go, while still singing with straight face LOL. I think in this song that I fell completely with Sakamoto, Inocchi and Okada's voices. When those three have their own solo lines, it's just so good it makes you crave for more.

It's the end of Disc 1. Next up will be Disc 2, that has a tiny bit interaction between Inocchi and Okada, which is really funny and so LOLs. After that I'll do the guide for the bonus of Sexy Honey Bunny DVD that hasn't been subbed, which is the MC, the Lunch Tour, and the Vegas road trip.

If you have the time (and space lol), do download this concert. I can guarantee you the best laugh because it's awesome like that <333

This feeling of emptiness...

When I decided to leave Arashi fandom, I somehow had expected it that I'll lose some friends. It's something I can't deny since many of the friends I made over the years I'm in the fandom are all Arashi fans. Only little of them truly befriended me because they want to know more about me, and not because I'm a subber. I've expected it, but still, it's kind of lonely. I felt like going back to the 2005 again where I first started out in Arashi fandom with no one to talk to and when Arashi files are still hard to find.

Still, I'm so thankful to my best friend in real life who stayed with me all this time. We bonded not because of Arashi, but because we're alike in so many ways, We form our friendship when we I was 12 and she was 11, and it still last until today. Even after 12 years, our friendship still stay strong. She always support me all the way, when I like Prince of Tennis she started learning about it too and got hooked in anime land, when I fell in love with Arashi she willingly going along with me in countless Arashi gatherings just so that I won't be lonely, and now after I move to V6 fandom she's still here beside me without fail, learning about V6 with me too. That makes me so happy.

It's lonely, so damn lonely I felt like crying somehow at night when I truly need someone and I can find no one to talk to just because they have other things to talk about and I'm left behind because I know nothing about those things, but I know I will get over this. I'm strong and I believe in that, and now that I slowly find some friends through my V6 fandom, I will become happy again. I know I will. My best friend is still with me after all.

I don't even know why I'm making such a gloomy entry today but I guess I'm just too tired and too damn lonely. Anyway, to those who still befriended me, I say thank you to you all. May we still become friends even when our interest is not the same again.

Announcement-like thing

Some of you might notice it that my livejournal didn't mention anything about Arashi anymore, from the Welcome post, the sidebar, my profile, none of them mention Arashi. If you wonder why, that's because I'm out of Arashi fandom already.

I make this announcement because there are people who still go to PM me and ask me to sub this or that show of Arashi and I have to reply to those PM, saying that I'm out of Arashi fandom and have no intention of subbing anymore Arashi show, I don't even watch them anymore, except for those that I've said I gonna do until the end (mainly VS Arashi). Now I've moved to V6 fandom and so I don't touch Arashi videos/cms/news.

I'm sure that the people who are in my f-list friended me because I share things about Arashi. I'm sad to say this, but if you want to remove me from your friend list I can accept it. That's because I'm not going to talk about Arashi anymore, not even a bit, so if you think reading my V6 post or about my real life do not worth your time, un-friended me and I can accept it :)

It's fun being in Arashi fandom since 2005 until 2012. It's been a long but fun 7 years. Now it's time to move on for me.

Goodbye, Arashi. Thanks for giving me laughter and happiness. I wish you boys the best in everything you do.

I forget to include this but I'm not going to leave ANM. I will still continue to sub the shows I said I'm going to do, which is mainly VS Arashi. And I will still maintain the community so that the community will still run properly :)

Otoko no Hen-sachi, do you know about it?

When I first started to get into the V6 fandom, I was overwhelmed by the amount of variety shows the boys have done. Well, it's not too weird since this year is their 17th year. Two of them are the long-lasting show, Gakkou e Ikou (Let's go to school) and VVV6. I started watching from Gakkou e Ikou, then to VVV6, then to Mission V6, and lastly, Otoko no Hen-sachi.

At first glance, Otoko no Hen-sachi is almost like Mannequin 5, just that it's better in every way compared to Mannequin 5. I hate Mannequin 5 not because it's not funny, but I hate how girls have to talk bad of the clothes the mannequin wear and how they sometimes judge people personality based on the clothes they wear that day. To me, that's absolutely terrifying because every people have their own opinion and to make that as a judgement whether he's a good partner for a date or not was just wrong. That's why I rarely watch HnA after they change their format to VIP Room.

Otoko no Hen-sachi is like the upgrade version of Mannequin 5. So you put unpopular guys (unpopular here can be interpreted in many ways, not only because he's ugly. I remember that there's a guy who's not in relationship in 7 years and the girls are like, "SERIOUSLY?" but when he explained that's because he live in poverty at that time so he thought he shouldn't make the girl suffer with him, the audience did give him their votes) in the show and let the girls choose whether he's a boyfriend material or not by his answer related to love relationship, his personality, and how he interact with others. I think this is more realistic since you didn't only judge someone by their appearance, since the guys are hidden behind a big white paper thing and they only appear as shillouette. There's always a flaw, but I can overlook it and enjoy the show from the beginning until the end. I also like how V6 boys trying to help the unpopular guys to look good and presentable to the girls before the unpopular guys have to go out and face the girls.

Maybe this is just my opinion, I know people find Mannequin 5 but I never think it's good, not even once. But if you have the chance, you have to watch Otoko no Hen-sachi and I think you will learn something rather than just watching girls badmouthing guys about the clothes they wear.

Recommend me a good Jdrama? >___

I really want to watch Jdrama right now (the conclusin of having unlimited internet but nothing to download~), so if anyone can help me recommend some good J-dramas, I'd be very grateful :D

I actually has no preferences, anything will do with me, raw or subbed it doesn't matter. For references, the list of the dramas I've watched is listed below~

All dramas with Arashi members in it
Shirato Osamu no Jikenbo
11nin mo iru
Akai Ito
Around 40
Arifureta kiseki
Bara no nai hanaya
Boku to star no 99 nichi
Boss 1 & 2
Jin 1 & 2
Dream Again
Egao no hosoku
Hanawake no yon shimai
Hanayome to papa
Hayami-san to yobareru hi
Honjitsu mo hare, ijou nashi
Ima, ai ni yukimasu
Jiu keishichou
Kaseifu no mita
Keizoku 1 & 2 (SPEC)
Kingyou club
Kokosei no restaurant
Nurse aoi
Ouran high school host club
Propose kyoudai
Renai neet
Saigo no bansan
Saigo no jinsei no owarikata
Star no koi
Tadashii ouji no tsukurikata
Tengoku wa matte kureru
Yukan club
Zenkai girl

Any recommendation beside those dramas? /is hoping